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SN 900


SN 900 is defined as a base oil at the upper end of the specifications for Grade I base oils. They are mainly used in lubricant production. It is a Group I base oil which has undergone solvent refining and dewaxing processes. To finish the refining it was hydrogen treated to clear out any impurities.


SN 900 serves as a base stock for several industrial lubricants

And also

Health & Safety

The MSDS for this product can be obtained on request and found on the site of Shamrock.
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Quality Specifications *

min/max Value
ASTM Colour - max 5,0
Density at 15°C (kg/m3) max 905
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C (cSt) - 18,0-23,0
Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C (cSt) - 200-320
Viscosity Index (typical value) - 95-99
Pour Point (°C) max -10
Flash Point (°C) min 245
Sulphur Content (%m/m) max 1,0
NOACK Value (%m/m) max 4

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