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Base Oils

Base oils are available from Shamrocks extensive network of world leading manufacturing plants, covering all important originating regions including Europe, Asia and Russia.

We distribute globally:

Group I Base Oils: which are also know as conventional oils, with the majority of hydraulic and bearing lubricants being made using an API Group I stock. Group I main advantage is their high solvency, this means that they have a high tolerance to degradation by-products, which allows for the life of a lubricant to be extended.

Group II Base Oils: which have a high level of purity and are found in all modern conventional petroleum oils. Over the years due to API services requirements becoming stricter, the quality of these oils has steadily improved. Due to the higher level of purity this base stock gives lubricants a longer service life.

Group III Base Oils: which have the most stringent level of petroleum oil refining, with the benefits of this group being undeniable. The lower volatility, higher viscosity and lower pour points give lubricants from this base stock a longer service life. Group III base oils have become a lot more common in America over the last decade.

Re-Refined Base Oils: which are subjected to the same stringent refining, compounding and performance standards. Lubricants which are made from re-refined base stocks must meet these standards in order to receive an API certification.

Pale Oils: which are a light coloured, non staining naphthenic oil from specially selected wax free crude oil.

These base oils are primarily used to formulate superior passenger car motor oils, heavy duty motor oils, automatic transmission fluids and industrial lubricants, as well as agriculture, detergents / dispersants, greases, hydraulic fluids and oils, metal working and food contact applications.

With a huge product portfolio of grades, including SN80, SN100, SN150, SN250, SN300, SN350, SN400, SN500, SN600, SN650, SN700, SN900, SN1200, Brightstock, SH-2, SH-4, SH-5, SH-10, SH-12, SHVI-4, SHVI-4L, SHVI-5, SHVI-6, Sh-R80, SH-R100, SH-R150, SH-R300, SH-RD250, SH-P40, SH-P50, SH-P60, SH-P100, SH-P150, SH-P500*, SH-P500** SH-P750, SH-P900, - we know we are more than capable of meeting the demands of our customers.